Access Control

Access control services restrict when and how people enter or exit an area. Accomplishing that is determined by your individual security needs. Netlink's access Control Systems Use

  • Coded Keys

  • Magnetic Cards

  • Biometric Readers, including hand, face, voice, finger, or retina, to monitor individuals or vehicles in a restricted area

These systems are widely used in numerous hotels, businesses, and apartment complexes.

Man In Control Room Monitoring Multiple Cctv Footage
Modern public CCTV camera with blur background

High-End Security

Netlink's access control systems enable you to control who goes where and documents when and where an area is accessed. These control systems can automatically lock or unlock entrance doors at specified times and restrict access to unauthorized individuals.

Access control proactively tries to keep unauthorized persons out of a building or areas inside your facility. This kind of technology can be an excellent complement to video surveillance, burglar, and fire systems. Altogether this provides you with a comprehensive security and safety solution.