Structured Cabling

 The term Structured Wiring or Structured Cabling is a generic phrase used to describe many different types of wiring products and low voltage wiring solutions. These all have similar purposes of efficiently distributing many different data signals all through your home. Many people are familiar with some of these types of signals like telephone or cable TV, however many signals they are unfamiliar with such as Ethernet for computer networks and low voltage for sensitive signals.

A structured cabling and wiring system is the backbone that enables you to do many things:

  • Listen to music in any or all rooms of your home.
  • Play a Blu-ray or DVD in one room while simultaneously watching it on any other TV in your home.
  • Have internet access in every room of the house.
  • The ability to send files between all computers in the home.
  • Share printers and fax machines where any computer can print a document or send a fax.
  • Have multiple separate phone lines.
  • And the ability to modify all of these options when change is needed.

Home Technology has Changed

Today, structured cabling is a necessity. Low voltage wiring is what streams and provides your internet, satelite or cable TV, phone and connects your computers together.

Most homes in the past were wired only for electrical and phone. Then as time progressed, cable TV became popular but many homes would just cut a hole in the wall next to the TV and dangle an exposed wire in order to get the cable TV signal to their television.

Modern day homeowners require a system that can handle high-speed data signals.

When constructing or remodeling a home many builders concentrate on construction basics like the plumbing, electrical system and foundation. Sadly, most builders disregard the structured wiring electronic foundation that is required to support high-speed voice, video and data communications.

Structured Cabling Design and Installation

Don’t overlook one of the most valuable upgrades you can do to your home or office. Pre-wiring a home for modern technologies can save you money and frustration. If you are in the process of building a home, structured cabling can add tremendous value to your home and increase it’s appeal.

More and more people are wanting a smart home that has ease of access to internet, audio and video as well as many other conveniences. The use of home automation systems such as temperature control, security, whole house audio and window treatments are all on the rise and require planning to organize and implement all of these solutions.

The best time to prepare your home for these modern structured cabling solutions is to wire the entire home during the construction process when all of the walls are exposed. There are many parts of a structured cabling and structured wiring system that the builder must understand. At Netlink, we will work with you and your builder to ensure proper installation of all your structured wiring needs.

Plan for structured wiring in your home if you are serious about technology. Running wires during the construction phase is easy to do, inexpensive and will enhance your home.

Many times you can include the cost of structured wiring into your tax-deductible home mortgage. Since home buyers are more technologically aware, you may find that your investment on structured wiring will be more than returned when selling your home in the future.

Homes that are wired properly for networking, video and automation will have a much higher resale value, especially those with broadband internet access in every room.

Netlink can assist you with all your structured cabling and wiring needs. Call us today! (601) 856-0600