Home Automation

Simplify Your Life

The term Home Automation applies to a wide variety of systems. Home Automation gives you easy, all-purpose control which makes your life easier, simpler, safer, more enjoyable, more fun and saves energy all at the same time!

An average home will have numerous home automation systems in it. These may consist of whole house audio, intercom systems, networking, distributed video, security, lighting control, heating and cooling systems, pool and spa controls, cameras, access control and many others. A home automation system will bring all these systems together which enables you to control them from a single location.

Custom Programming

Having custom programming allows you to automate many things, making your life easier and making your home a much safer place. Custom programming can allow events to happen based upon some other incident – such as a fire or intrusion detection code from the alarm system triggering the home automation system to activate the lighting system to flash your exterior lights, making your home easy for emergency personnel to locate. 

With the use of a smart phone or tablet or wall mounted touch panel and keypads, you will have full control of your home.  

System Design Experience

 Designing home automation systems is one of Netlink’s many strengths. We can design a home automation system that will exceed your needs. We will access how you use your home and what is important to you and create a home automation system that will make your life much more enjoyable, less stressful and fun!

Netlink has a vast amount of experience working with many different systems over the years and we will help you find a home automation system that is right for you.