Home Theater


 At Netlink, we’ve made home theaters our specialty! We can help you design the perfect home theater that will compliment your home, your lifestyle and bring years of rich entertainment. Home theaters are fantastic for entertaining, relaxing and bringing the entire family together.

When exploring your home theater or media room options, we will comfortably guide you through the many choices that are available. Technology has grown drastically over the years offering options that will make your home theater or media room absolutely astonishing.

Media Room or Home Theater

 The first thing to do when planning your space is to decide on what you want. The question is: Do you prefer a dedicated home theater room or will you want your system to be in a multi-purpose media room? Both choices are excellent.

Dedicated home theater rooms are designed for enjoying movies, TV, sport programs, video gaming or even browsing the internet on your large home theater screen. Bonus rooms, attics, spare rooms and basements are all great to use as dedicated home theater areas.

Media rooms are similar in purpose to a home theater room but are also used for other functions such as a living space, living room or family room where the family often gathers.

Viewing Distance and Screen Size

 The second thing to decide upon are both the size and location of your video display.

THX Ltd. (founded by Lucasfilm) and SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) both have advice on this issue.

This phase is critical to get right and is particularly one of the most difficult things to fix should you get it wrong.

Soundproofing and Acoustics

 Excellent audio has the ability to captivate and immerse you in the sound effects of a movie. Generally, acoustic treatments have a much larger influence on the sound quality than nearly every component. Acoustic treatments can be normal room furnishings or carefully designed solutions.

Soundproofing is another option to consider. Will your media room or home theater disturb others? Soundproofing a room is a great way to contain the entertainment to a specific area.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Netlink utilizes some of the finest products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced staff has years of experience in media room and home theater design. We are a top choice among consumers due to our knowledge and our ability to make it all seem easy. At Netlink we will help you decide whether a flat panel LCD is the right choice for your room, or if you may need a projector and screen instead. Having speakers that immerse you in life-like sound is one thing but at Netlink we go a step further and help you decide if the speakers should enhance the decor or totally conceal into it.

Media RoomOur professionals at Netlink will also guide you in selecting the proper touch screen or universal remote to help you totally control your home theater or media room. Additionally we can help you in choosing comfortable and appropriate seating options as well!

At Netlink we will make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your new home theater or media room to the fullest extent!

An Amazing Experience

Most of the time, investing in a great remote control, lighting control or even a popcorn machine may add a certain “wow factor” to your design. At Netlink we have many suggestions and valuable advice on how to turn your home theater or media room into an amazing experience.

Other things to take into consideration are professional audio and video calibration, power needs, HVAC and ventilation planning and video gaming integration. After completion of your system we will teach and show you how to get the most out of your new home theater or media room. At Netlink we also offer in-home service so you can relax knowing that we will be there should a problem arise.

Netlink Home Theater specialists can create the perfect home theater or media room for you and your family. Call us today! (601) 856-0600